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Markiplier x Reader (In game AU)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
Another lazy day, with a day off work and nothing to do I decided to lay back on my bed and pull up youtube. I scrolled through my recommendations and cocked a brow when I noticed Mark's Outlast play through was sitting there. The let's play had been released ages ago so I had no idea why it was there on recent.
Surprisingly I had never gotten around too watching it, deciding that since my day was going to be boring I would need a little horror to spice things up a bit. I clicked on the video and Mark did his usual intro except what came next wasn't exactly expected.
The hand I had on the keyboard to keep the laptop balanced on my lap fell limp to the side causing the laptop to topple backwards onto the safety of the bed. In a blurry daze I fell forward onto my bed completely unconscious.
The smell of pine hit my nostrils, that's funny I don't use that
:iconjazz-demo:Jazz-demo 190 21
Markiplier x Reader: Listen To Some Rain
   Mark loved the rain.
   He enjoyed the sound it made when it fell onto the roofs of houses, onto the pavement of the sidewalk, and sometimes, even when it fell onto his head.
   So that’s where Mark was.
   He was listening to the soft rain, admiring the ‘splish-splash’ sound as he stood halfway under the sky near a café, letting the raindrops hit his shoulder and some of his face. This is what he would do, even when he didn’t need it. People held their umbrellas over their heads as they rushed through to get to dry land and out of this supposed storm. Mark didn't judge them, but he wondered why they didn't enjoy the rain like he did. It was so relaxing, albeit it being a little cold for most people's taste.
   That's when you showed up.
   You had simply been walking along with everyone else when you spotted the half-soaked man standing and watching the sidewalk. You weren't too sure why he sto
:iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 51 21
You Know Where to Find Me (Markiplier x Reader)
1:00. Finally. You ran to the back and slid the time card into the slot. It always took forever for time to pass. The small café never had any costumers so the day usually dragged on. Although it was nice to encounter regulars who knew your name, there were never enough people to interact with. Why did I take this job when I’m such an extrovert? Oh yeah, that’s why. Your pout appeared as you remembered your grades. No employer wants someone that wasn’t a crazy, hardworking machine. Why didn’t you spend more time studying in High School? It would save so much trouble.
Greeting your co-worker as you left the back room, you paid for something to eat to last the other five hours of your shift. You looked around in order to find an available seat. Not that you really needed to search. Finally finding a booth beside a window, you sighed in boredom. I wish something interesting would happen. Just as if on cue, a dark-haired man walked through the doo
:iconsweet-something:Sweet-something 96 25
Markiplier x Reader: Nostalgia
"Hey, let's go on a walk."
"Want to go out to the trampoline?"
"I'm hungry. Want to get food from the kitchen?"
God, why now? Why did you have to be nostalgic now? You were supposed to be sleeping, not staying awake thinking about the things you used to do in 8th grade.
Mark Fischbach. Your one and only friend in the whole world, who you even ranked up to the status of him being your brother. The only one you could trust, and the only one you could rely on.
God, you just wanted to call him up right then and eat food, walk around the empty streets at three in the morning and look at stars in the backyard.
But no. He was busy, probably. You were never one to text people first, let alone ask something of them. It wasn't your nature. Of course, if he messaged you now, you could bring it up-
Rumble. Your phone. Mark. Well, speak of the devil, it was the man himself.
Mark: Hey.
You: Hi.
Mark: What's up?
You: Nothin'. Being nostalgic. Remember taking walks and raiding the fridge? And that tra
:iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 105 10
Markiplier x Reader: How To Get The Words Out
   A normal day at the Fischbach house. Or, in this case, the Fischbach-(LN) house, considering you lived with him.
   It didn't take much for you to figure out why Mark had been acting so odd the past few days.
   "Hey, (YN), I'm going out for a bit," Mark said from behind the couch as you sat there, eyes on the TV.
   "Want me to come with?" you asked, looking at him upside down. Immediately, his face turned a bit pinkish and he shook his head.
   "Nah, just doing some stuff real quick," he assured,  and though the nervousness in his voice was barely detectable, you knew him well enough that it wasn't just 'some.stuff'.
   "Alright, well, I'll see you later, babe," you grinned, not bothering to question him.
   "Great. Love you," Mark smiled back, kissing the tip of your head and heading out.
   Honestly, the comfortability between the two of you was phenomenal.
   "You're so giddy lately,"
:iconkingofhearts709:KingofHearts709 145 31
Drunk Carols ( Markiplier x Reader )
Warning(s): None.
Title: Drunk Carols
Pairing: Mark Fischbach x Reader
Fandom: Youtube
Word Count: 914
You would be lying if you said that you weren't a little tipsy. You would also be lying if you said, your best friend Mark, was sober as well. The two of you had decided to stay inside tonight, celebrating the holidays together. It wasn't Christmas yet, but it was close enough. The spirit had taken over everyone. Christmas music was playing on the radio and holiday drinks were filling up Starbucks everywhere. 
You didn't mind this change. You loved the holidays and you got really into them. You loved to celebrate them with friends. You didn't care who you celebrated it with, as long as it is someone who is close to you. This year, Mark had invited you over to celebrate together. There was a movie marathon on tonight and he thought you would like to see it. You agreed and you came over.
The night started off normal before he brought out the liqueur. It started off i
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 61 5
New Chapter (Markiplier x Reader)
Warning(s): Sad, Depression is mentioned. This may be triggering for some. I promise that it has a happy ending though!
Title: New Chapter
Pairing: Mark Fischbach x Reader
Fandom: Youtube
Word Count: 1,169
(A/N: This fanfiction is written for the competition that Guild-Of-Readers  is holding.#SANCGOR)
You were starting a new chapter of your life and you hoped that it would be better than that last. Your entire life you had been looked down upon by everyone, even your parents. No one had ever thought that you had any potential in you....But that was before you had met Mark Fischbach. 
You wish you would have met him in a different circumstance but you couldn't always get what you asked for. The night that the two of you met was a cold one, the air crisp and everyone outside was tryin
:iconentirelybonkers:EntirelyBonkers 142 50
Cuteness Part 3. ( Markiplier x reader )
    I thank the people who followed me from part 1 to now.

    Mark Walked down the endless beach when he spotted a shooting star cutting through the blue sky. He grinned and said to himself, " I wish that I could find her. (name)."    
     Alas the shooting star did not answer him and silently met it's time to go. The night was dark and only the moon seemed to give hope to Mark. He walked endlessly down the sandy beach and the waves rolled and rolled. And there was a dark speck. Mark squinted his eyes to see better.
----------------------------------------------- (name's perspective) -------------------------------------------    
    There appeared to be an dark dot on the horizon. It got bigger and bigger until (name) could make out glasses. Then a mohawk. Then a whole face. It was.. him. He actually went for You (name) thought.
:iconwerpderp:WerpDerp 25 6
Cuteness Part 2. ( Markiplier x reader )
    BIG DISCLAIMER : you may not like this if you are a marky-poo hater please go somewhere else to position your butt on. 
"Honey!" (name's) mom cried. "Today's your big day!"
Wait, what? (name) questioned. She had to think for a moment what the 'big day' was. When she finally realized it, she also realized she was stupid for forgetting when her birthday was. One thing that she didn't really understand was that why should she be so happy about it? Each your it's some cheap cake and there was never a birthday party. There was no presents and no friends , and so she just looked at the big day as just any other day she would live. "And guess what? This year you are going have a birthday party with friends!" Your dad said.
Whoa, that's a big change of plans you thought. For a moment you thought what friends? what party? Just basically you want  the answer to What The Heck.   Then you thought of him. The guy th
:iconwerpderp:WerpDerp 26 12
Cuteness ( Markiplier x reader )
    hello everybody! I decided to make another reader x someone. Please tell me in the comments what reader x you want me to write!If Mark (which is impossible) is reading this, PLEASE DO NOT HATE ME BECAUSE OF REASONS! My sis warned me.    
You couldn't believe what just happened to you. In just a week you lost all your friends to a new kid. She was the polar opposite of you. The kid liked fashion and pink while you didn't like fashion and liked purple.  The new kid  claimed her name was Leriana .  You didn't believe her.    
    (name) was actually for once happy that her family was going on a vacation. It lasts a week. Last year when (name's) family drove to a beach to stay there a few days (name) whined that it was going to be too quite and empty there. She was wrong. Now she wasn't so whiny. Well if your friends literally abandoned you, wouldn't you be grateful to have some alone time? Well, (nam
:iconwerpderp:WerpDerp 58 18
Pewdiepie (Felix) X reader
Pewdiepie X reader----
(A/N: let’s just pretend some of this stuff is accurate k
Y/N = your name
F/N= friend name
F/B= favorite band
F/S= Favorite song by band
H/C= hair color
E/C= eye color
F/C= favorite candy)
You sighed as you locked yourself in your bed room, today had been another stressful day at collage. You were currently working to get a degree in art, but that was proving to be more difficult then you had hoped. Your roommate (F/N) also had a bit of a melt down because you drank ‘Her’ monster drink. (Ya know that stuff that makes you bat shit crazy?)
You ran a hand through your (H/C) locks and opened up your laptop, opening up to youtube.
Ah youtube a wonderful yet messed up place, you logged into your account and brought up some music (F/S) by (F/B). As the music began to fill your room you opened up your books and started your homework with a sigh.
“just another night forever alone (y/n)’ you thought to yourself.
Time skip brought to you by-Edg
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 19 15
PewDiePie x Reader - One Cold Night Part Four
Author's Note
Merry Christmas to all of my loyal watchers! I pulled through and managed to write this for you, even if I said I wouldn't! I hope you all enjoy the read! Happy Holidays everyone!
You awaken to a pair of warm arms around you. Where are you? What are you doing here? You try to turn, to stir, but the arms are held quite firm. You sigh, and it is then that you recognize the scent wafting into your nose. Felix! You open your eyes, and you stare straight into the face of the beauty himself. His light brown hair has fallen into his face, and it is quite messed up. Your eyes trail over the contours of his face. Stubble pokes out against the gentle sweep of his jaw. His eyes are gently closed, his eyelashes standing out against his pale skin. His cheeks are slightly flushed.
Then, his eyes open. You blush slightly and your eyes widen as you lean slightly back. He smiles at you, rather sexily at that, and breathes a good morning, to which you return quietly. You sit up, a
:iconleepyr:Leepyr 120 175
PewDiePie X Reader - One Cold Night Pt. 3
PewDiePie x Reader - One Cold Night - Part Three
You turned around, startled. A golden man sat across the aisle and a seat down from you, and he stared at you with a friendly smile on his face. Everything about him was gold. His skin, his eyes, his hair, his clothing, even the sword in his lap was gold. Behind you, a young man sat, his hands folded neatly in his lap, a small grin planted on his pale face. His eyes were twinkling behind small glasses. His eyes were a soft brown, matching the hair that poked out from underneath a green beret.
"Mr. Chair! Stephano!" You exclaimed as you recognized them immediately. Both men held out fists for you to brofist into, which you immediately did. Cry chuckled softly in the seat behind you.
It then occurred to you that you hadn't even checked to see where you were going.  Normally you would expect the bus driver to take you to the write stop, but now you weren't sure.
"Um, where are you taking me?" You asked Cry, leaning toward him agai
:iconleepyr:Leepyr 171 132
PewDiePie X Reader - One Cold Night Pt. 2
Here's Chapter Two of my PewDiePie x Reader fanfiction! Enjoy!
Special Note: I haven't really heard much of Cry's voice before this, so I had to actually do some research on his voice beforehand.
He has a gorgeous voice.
The bus whirred around the corner, it's harsh lights illuminating your and Felix's figures. You blinked your eyes against the momentarily blinding rays. The groaning machine haulted in front of the bus stop.
The two of you rose at the same time, and you felt Felix remove his arm from around you. You reached for your bags, but they weren't there. You looked up and saw Felix handing you your bags.
"Here you go, bro." He said, flashing you an oh-so-gorgeous smile. Your heart fluttered in your chest, and a blush began to creep onto your already-red cheeks. You didn't want to leave, but you couldn't stay. If you stayed, perhaps your desires would be too obvious. What if he thought you were weird? Worries filled your mind as you stood there, paralyzed by indecision.
"Hey, la
:iconleepyr:Leepyr 188 281
It All Started With A Barrel~ (Pewdiepie x Reader)
Chapter 1 
Flying Barrels~
        I woke up on a large bed, covered by a green blanket. "....How did I get here?" I asked myself, sitting up. I was so confused.... How had I even gotten here? ....And what was this place? It wasn't home, that's for sure.... I dangled my feet off the edge of the bed and looked around the room. There was a large closet by the brown wooden door. A few boxes here and there and some chairs scattered around the room. My gaze fell on the desk in the corner of the room.
        I got up and stretched, walking over the the desk. A lantern sat on top of it along with some oil. I picked them up thinking I may need them later and started opening the draws in the desk.  I also found a small bottle with green liquid inside and a key. "I wonder if I'll need all of this later...." I pondered out loud.
        I moved toward th
:iconrushingwater42:Rushingwater42 7 5
It All Started With a Barrel~ (Pewdiepie x Reader)
In a Closet?~
        Chapter 2
        The Bro hit the closet, it's claws scratching down the dark wood of the door. It knew where we were and we had no where to go. To say the least.... We. Were. Screwed.....
        It pounded on the door again and I pushed myself against pewdiepie's chest more, pushing us both a little farther into the corner of the closet. I could feel myself shaking. I tired to still myself even though it wouldn't help the situation any. I saw Pewdie's face out of the corner of my eye, he looked close to tears knowing that we were most likely going to die. He moved his left arm away from my mouth and used it to hug me in a way similar to his other arm, making it a bit harder for me to breathe but I didn't complain.
        Pewdie and I both let out a terrified scream
:iconrushingwater42:Rushingwater42 10 8



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I actually did it.......I ran because I feel like I could give enough back to my own family who has been supporting through SOOO much.....and I didn't see it......I am Selfish, a Spoiled Brat, Ungrateful, Disobedient, Irresponsible, Immature, Unhappy, Disrespectful, Gullible, Depressed, Unconfident, and just a plain Fool. I never saw that responsibilities came first in order to earn that happiness I was always eager to have, it made me realize that that I have people that make me happy....and I never thought they would......I might soon need to talk to a therapist, cause it's so hard to explain the anger I have towards myself and why I always took it out on my family.........If only I could have told them that their right.....and they always were.........


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